Welcome To SDQBG. We are a full service small business solutions and consulting firm located in San Diego County, California that provides Accounting, F/C Bookkeeping, Auditing, Business Formation, Human Resources and many other consulting and small business solutions to a wide range of clients throughout all of San Diego, Riverside & Orange Counties.

If you are starting a new business or already have a small business, we can help to simplify all your accounting and business solution needs at a price you can afford.

Unlike other companies, we have been there and done that.
Our expertise will guide you through uncertain territories that you will encounter when owning a small business in today's economic times.

We believe in Small Business. We believe that Small businesses are the back bone of this country,  and with that in mind we devote our company to making your business successful.
No business is ever too small for us to service.
We treat your company as if it were our company.
Client Access
By using SDQBG for your business needs, it will take less time and effort than having an in house accounting department or CFO.

SDQBG will save you and your business money.

Best of all, by using SDQBG it allows you to focus on your business and what you do best. People are in business for different reasons and most do not have an accounting  background, so let us handle all your business needs and you do what you do best.

"Drive thy business or it will drive thee."
Benjamin Franklin
"Business is always interfering with pleasure, but it makes other pleasures possible."
William Faulkner
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Becoming a client provides you with instant access to hundreds of business forms, contracts tailored to your specific industry, tax updates, a complete human resources library and so much more to help you grow your company safely and profitably.
And, best of all we are always only a phone call or e-mail away to help you.
I was looking for someone we could trust, accounting was not
our background. Answers to financial issues we had were just not answered from other people we tried. The "Gurus" took us from 0 to 60 in a matter of months, our business is strong and our financial future is better than we could have ever expected... I can finally sleep well at night.
Marci C
EEL, Inc.
Small Business Owner QB Class
Payroll  & 1099 Services
We Now Offer
Option Full Payroll Services.
For 1 Flat monthly Fee We offer Complete Payroll & Tax Filing.
I wanted to run my business, not my business running me. Everyone I tried just punched the numbers without the knowledge until I found a true "Guru".  Now I concentrate on making my business grow and leave the rest to the "Gurus".
Robert N.
Syntech, Inc
Small Business Start Up Coaching
Human Resources Services
Quickbooks Training
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